welcome to sonic 3 the fan made game that is the best sonic fan game ever

thanks to --rocket-- on scratch for the engine


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I know where this thumbnail came from and you didn't even credit the original creator of the game, -Rocket-. The original game is called Sonic Frenzy 2. And I played both, they are the exact same and the only change is the logo. This is what I mean right here below:

Sonic Frenzy 2: Sonic Frenzy 2 on Scratch (mit.edu)




cool game





I'll have to give some critique on this fangame. (Constructive criticism, in due respect.)

Compared to Sonic 1 on the "Sega Master System", this game feels really slow. While it certainly doesn't control terribly, I feel that this fangame could have used much more.

Second,  this is obviously not the REAL "Sonic 3"; the real one was released on the Sega Genesis.

Third, this feels far more like a tech demo than a full game.

I mean, I will admit; as a fangame? Not horrible, but needs a LOT of work. (On the plus side, at least it's better than :Sonic Labyrinth"!)